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Michael Goodell

 Voice Actor

Stories Worth Telling...Told well

About me...

Truth be told...I'm as much a Salesman as I am a Storyteller.

The fact is, effective Storytellers are natural sellers and for my clients, I am their most committed and vocal pitchman.

                                                                                                        Michael Goodell

Immediately engaging on and off mic, Michael's smooth and easy, warm as chocolate baritone sound melds the scripted word, with detail and nuance to create clear, natural, intuitively trustworthy performances. His informative, inclusive tone and style has proven ideal for a wide variety of disciplines from corporate, medical, tech, and financial narrations to eLearning, industrial explainers, and commercials.


Michael's your go-to-guy if you're seeking an approachable, balanced, vocal  evangelist to convey your message or story effectively, concisely, and memorably.

With a fully equipped pro home studio for both self and remote directed sessions, a commitment to expedited turnarounds, competitive rates and a "will-do" attitude, Michael is a proven top tier voiceover professional.

Michael has often joked, 'with the possible exception of his mom, nobody enjoys hearing his voice more than he does.'

His constantly expanding list of global clients would tell you differently!

If you haven't worked with Michael yet - what are you waiting for?

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