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Professional Voice Actor

Engaging Storytelling.
Building Strong Brand Connections

About me...

Truth be told... I'm as much a Salesman, as I am a Storyteller. The fact is, storytellers can be powerful salespeople, and for my clients, I'm their most committed pitchman.

- Michael Goodell​


With natural confidence, Michael's strong, warm, smooth as caramel tone is the perfect fit for characters as versatile as a University Professor, Dad, Financial Advisor or romantic "Man about Town".


Michael's approachable sound reminds you of "that" guy you recognize from "somewhere". He's funny, welcoming, and sincere; your pal and a trustworthy confidant. 

Michael often jokes, with the possible exception of his Mom... nobody enjoys hearing his voice more than he does. - His Clients would tell you differently! 


Voicing narrations globally for leading industries in Healthcare, e-Learning, Financial Services, Automotive Manufacturers and Virtual Marketing; Michael's a known constant. Your go-to-guy for high quality production, on-point messaging, and prompt turnarounds.


If you haven't worked with Michael yet, what are you waiting for?  

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