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Professional Voice Actor

Voicing authenticity. Delivering a clearer message.

Michael, It's His Story To Tell...

I've been surrounded by great Storytellers all my life.

These 'Whittlers of Tales'; these 'Alchemists of Oratory' have mesmerized, and captivated my minds' eye since childhood. I knew, even then, I was going to grow up a Storyteller.

Truth be told...I'm a Salesman. 


Fact is, Storytellers are salesmen. We're sellers of story. Artfully manipulating details and nuance; with a singular objective of effectively influences a message or story that captures, guides informs, and perhaps; inspires the listener. 

Done right, we are validators of messages. Vocal practitioners in pursuit of 'Stories told Well'.                                                  

- Michael Goodell​


Working in radio, television, art, design and marketing for over four decades, Michael first began using his writing and voice acting talents at a regional NY radio station while attending Junior High. At University, in addition to having his own weekly radio program, Michael's work in front of the camera includes sit down interviews with acclaimed Writers, Directors, Musicians, Scientists, Artists, Dancers, and International Politicians.  documentaries and cable network production. 

Working as a full time voice actor for the past three years, clients describe Michael's natural ease and delivery as immediately relatable, warm, welcoming, powerful, highly convincing, and immediately relatable. They describe his professionalism the same way. 

His client base criss-crosses international borders and disciplines including: experiential technologies, auto, healthcare, education, the arts, food and beverage, manufacturing, and consumer market segments.

Whether voicing a younger brother, dad, husband, or grandfather, Michael can quickly morph to become your next door neighbor, high school Science teacher, Medical Doctor, or trusted financial advisor.


Michael has been heard to say: 'with the possible exception of his mom... nobody enjoys hearing his voice more than he does'. -His Clients would tell you differently!

If you haven't worked with Michael yet, what are you waiting for?  

Have a green-lit project...or a RFQ?
Let's talk! 

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